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What's It All About?

This is a supporting website for Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail, a new book about happiness and success at work which is available now at all good booksellers wordwide.  On this site you'll find interviews with the authors, an opportunity to share your own discoveries as a leader, and a chance to benefit from the discoveries of other people who work for a living like you. 

This site also offers a wide variety of supporting information, and some resources which can help you to add value whether you have read the book yet or not.

To find out more, and to see a summary of the book, keep reading this page.

We all have a passion to succeed in our chosen game in life; and yet we rarely discuss it.  That's what this site is all about - we are looking for the missing "It" that makes people happy and successful at work.

Care to join us?

The authors

The book cover 'Do you know Crocodile Charlie, the boss?' asked the new employee, not realising it was his boss he was speaking to. 'The other staff briefed the hell out of me when I joined the firm.  All the smile-crocodile stuff.  Nobody seems to trust him.  Is he really that bad?'

After the shock of hearing what other people truly think of him, 'Crocodile' Charlie Kingmore embarks on a Quest.  He has an urgent need to find the Secret of unified teams, productive people, and human happiness at work.  It's that, or give up on his dreams for his own success.

What to do?

If you work for a living, work with other people, or ever need to inspire and lead those around you, then Charlie's journey for the Answer can be your journey too.  Join John Kolm and Peter Ring, two of the world's leading practitioners in this area, on Crocodile Charlie's six-month quest around Australia to find some real results.

Share in the expertise of industry leaders like Toyota, IBM, Alcoa, DaimlerChrysler, Johnson&Johnson, Cisco, Michelin and Weyerhauser - all clients of Team Results, John Kolm's company - which form the basis of Charlie's adventures.  If you have tried all the mundane approaches and are still looking for something more, maybe it's time you discovered...

The Holy Grail.

  A Penguin original

To get your copy quickly and cheaply, just click here for more information.  The ISBN is 0-14-300123-X .

To find out more about author John Kolm and his co-author, take a look at the "Meet The Authors" page.  You'll find pictures, interviews, biographical information and an option to send us an email.

To navigate the site, you can use the home page, the navigation bar at the top left of this page, or for a comprehensive listing, go to the site map.

To find out more about other terrific books from Penguin, visit them at www.penguin.com.au .

Crocodile Charlie again!
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