The Making of Charlie

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February 1
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The Making of Charlie

Meet "Crocodile" Charlie Kingmore - looking and feeling the way most of us do in the morning!

"Charlie Kingmore" is an anagram of the authors' names, with a few extra bits thrown in.  That's pretty much how we feel about Charlie - he's just an ordinary bloke like you and like us, but with one or two extra bits of smartness thrown in, so that he can make Discoveries in just six months that - in reality - have taken many years of reflection, help, mistakes and practical experience to formulate.

John Kolm drew the cartoons.

As we imagine Charlie, he has various qualifications but isn't a theoretician or a salesman; his main qualification is that he has actually led real people with real problems in the real world.   The things he "knows" are therefore tempered by simple human common sense and an understanding of how it really is for most people in the practical world of work.

We based the character of Crocodile Charlie on some leaders and friends we greatly admire.  Some are well known; others will just continue to quietly be excellent leaders until the day they retire.

Of course, this really describes Charlie at the end of the book.  At the beginning...  well...  let's just say he's about to embark on a journey of Discovery!

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