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Speaking Engagements

You can book John Kolm for your Special Event, Training Day or Function.

Click here for booking details.

Be intrigued and informed as you get John Kolm’s unique perspective on success and happiness at work. John is the owner of a highly successful international leadership development company whose clients are in the U.S., China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Europe and include some of the world’s biggest firms.  John asks "if happiness at work is just commonsense, then why is it so uncommon?” Enjoy a tailor-made presentation from John for your event. John is also a successful business author and cartoonist, whose book Crocodile Charlie & The Holy Grail is now released worldwide. With large U.S., Australian, Asian and European companies regular clients of his, John offers a broad range of experience across many industries.

His topics include:
The Search for the Holy Grail
•We are all on a search in life for our own personal Holy Grail of what success and happiness at work mean to us.  Some of us are searching consciously and deliberately and others just sense that there is a missing ingredient.  John can report from the front lines on what this search means to some of the best teams in the world – and to some of those “other” teams too.

Teamwork and Leadership in the Real World
•We all know what the books say, but the message is often rejected because it is idealised, over-simplified, a bit patronising and not very “real” in the world we know, or because we suspect the motives of the people who spread the message.  Is there any reality to teamwork and leadership at work or is it all just semantics?  If the former, how is the reality created and what do the best companies and teams in the world do that is innovative, effective and fun?

Real leaders – Real followers – Real people
•A journey of first-hand anecdotes and case studies from industry that show the practical application of human spirit to business results.  Never mind the theories – hear about things people have actually done that have lifted their spirits and their business performance, which are happening in the here and now, and which are enthusiastically championed by the people themselves.

See the Picture – Copy the Results
•If exciting visuals are called for in addition to an attention-grabbing talk, John has a collection of high-quality digital images from his published cartoons and extreme sports activities that are guaranteed to grab the attention and which he is well able to relate to the theme of the talk.  The images include explorations of big, wild caves in Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana and Kentucky and original illustrations from Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail.

Booking and fee details

In the United States : (202) 257 5593 or Click here to email

In Asia and Australia : +61 3 9415 1110 or Click here to email

In Europe : +61 3 9415 1110 or Click here to email

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