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John Kolm appears at Barnes and Noble

Bestselling Aussie author John Kolm appeared exclusively at Barnes and Noble in Bethesda on Tuesday 1st February.  He spoke to a packed audience about success and happiness at work, and also about his new book for Penguin, Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail – How to Find Your Own Answers at Work and in Life.   

John Kolm will return for more appearances in the United States in May.   

Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail is fast becoming the Harry Potter of the business world.  In just three months this simple story of one person’s quest for happiness and success at work has swept across ten countries and some 50% of the world’s population in seven languages. Companies like DaimlerChrysler, Toyota, IBM, Alcoa, Stanley Tools, Johnson&Johnson, Pfizer, Cisco, Weyerhauser and others have all bought copies for their people and describe the results as “amazing”.   John Kolm now consults to all these companies.  

Part of the 1st February audience at Barnes and Noble

Crocodile Charlie tells the story of “Crocodile” Charlie Kingmore, a worker and manager who heads into the Australian Outback for six months to find some answers to what makes some people and organisations happy and successful players in the Major Leagues – and what makes other people and organisations perpetual second-string contenders.  The answers are surprising.   Charlie’s discoveries come from John’s Kolm’s experience with top corporations in America and overseas, and are all to do with people secrets that winning performers know but tend to keep to themselves.  Can you afford not to know these secrets?  
John Kolm speaking at Barnes and Noble
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