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Consulting Options

There are times when neither a tailored Simulation, nor a keynote or after-dinner talk, nor even a pre-packaged kit exactly "hits the spot".  If that's your situation, you should know that we also do specialty consulting.

We would be pleased to visit you and discuss your needs.  In the past, we've run day seminar sessions, discussion groups, business planning sessions and top-level strategic sessions, to quote just a few examples.  Everything we run is tailored around your unique needs, and to each event we bring our wealth of experience, the knowledge gained from our many top-performing clients, and a talent for running things with flair, ingenuity and genuine difference.

Our billing for these services does not operate on a "hair-trigger".  You will never receive a bill for anything without a written quote and your prior agreement; and we only bill for the session we actually deliver.  Everything else - visits, phone calls, advice - is included.

To find out more, send a message to us at .  You may also care to visit our company website at

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