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Author Bios

John Kolm managed specialised Defence project teams during the eighties, representing Australian security and law enforcement interests with the U.S. Government in critical environments.   During the same period he also worked as a writer and artist for Australian Consolidated Press and Syme Media, publishing some 300 feature articles and 1600 cartoons. 

In 1993 John left a top management role in industry to found Team Results .  Within six months it had become a highly successful team and leadership business which now operates in the U.S., Australia, China, Singapore, and Europe.  John divides his time between delivering team and leadership programs, mentoring junior and senior managers, public speaking, writing for publication and cartooning.  In 1990, John received a Rothmans National Grand Prix award for published artwork.

John lives in Washington DC with his family but spends six months of the year delivering talks and leadership programs  in Australia, Asia and Europe.

John Kolm
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Peter Ring Peter Ring was an Australian Air Force fighter pilot in several war zones during the sixties.   He went on to be an Air Force Academy instructor in management, leadership and writing skills during the early seventies, and was then seconded to the UN Peacekeeping force in the late seventies.  

In 1972 and 1979 respectively, he was awarded the Order of Australia and the Air Force Cross for his achievements in teamwork and leadership.  After leaving the Air Force in the eighties, he organised VIP arrivals in Australia for foreign dignitaries including the pope, the queen, and numerous heads of state.  Some ten years ago he helped John Kolm start Team Results.

Peter lives in Sydney with his family.

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