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February 1
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Teamwork meets Technology at Toyota

In late 1997, a Business Systems Integration (BSI ) Project Team at Toyota Australia was formed to standardise business processes and technologies associated with the introduction of SAP Release 3 across all operating arms of Toyota Australia.  Budgeted at $17m, "BSI" was Toyota's single most important project in both 1998 and 1999.


In the earliest stages of the project, and based on experience locally and overseas, Project General Manager Barry Budge recognised that harnessing and unifying the human spirit of those involved was one of the key areas of risk, opportunity and challenge.  Toyota also recognised that traditional "team building" approaches can have a limited effect and that a project of this size needed strong, real cultural change centred around an exciting and worthwhile vision.

Team Results was involved from the initial project kickoff in November 1997.  Their first engagement was a two-day simulation for project leaders, which was also attended by the President of Toyota, Mr Sam Komori.  The success of this engagement led to numerous others over the life of the project, including a follow-up program in July 1998 for an expanded project team, a program in December 1998 for a team of managers charged with obtaining across-the-board acceptance of the new culture, and numerous formal and informal follow-ups with every part of the team covering a period of just under two years.

Working closely with all levels in Toyota, Team Results developed a tailored scenario and matching simulations that allowed team members to make their own discoveries about the leadership and team values they wanted; and how these would be promoted in pursuit of their own contribution to the project vision.  These tested agreements were then mapped into team and individual strategies, tested again and refined further, and ultimately mapped into specific and measurable outcomes at work.  Teams themselves took responsibility for tracking these results, using the Team Dashboard® instrument where relevant to demonstrate significant boosts to project Key Performance Indicators.

“I would assess the Team Results contribution to the BSI Team as critical to the overall success of managing and implementing the major process, cultural, and human changes demanded by such a large project”, says Project General Manager Barry Budge. 

He adds, “Despite many challenges throughout the project, we have still managed to keep our ‘Spirit and Emotion’ whilst succeeding in our ‘Task and Intellect’ goals. I have no hesitation in recommending Team Results and their experienced, professional and friendly staff.”
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